The Pros And Cons Of Nationalism

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Nationalism Nationalism is the belief of being attached to ones nation. It is the political view that your country is great and you strongly believe in nations. The reason why nationalism is good and different from all the other movements is because it keeps your nation together and reduces violence and also keeps the state away from civil war. Nationalism is just like patriotism because they both are individual towards their nation. Nationalism was the most successful form of political force in the 19th century. Nationalism is an ethnic group that involves culture, ancestors, and land. People have the power to love their culture and land and to protect it. Every nation has different cultures and nationalism is from those cultures. Nationalism is the thought that the culture that your country represents is more organized than other countries. Nationalism is not about thinking that your country is better than others; it is about having the love for the culture that your country represents and appreciating it. There is nothing wrong with loving and appreciating your country. Loving your own country and hating other countries are two completely different things. The world is in need of more love, and nationalism is a good start, as long as we are showing respect to other nations. Nationalism started in America in 1815. They called this form of nationalism American nationalism. This was the first time that the citizens in America called themselves Americans. Nationalism is a
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