The Pros And Cons Of Naturalism, Creationism And Existentialism

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This part of the essay will summarize the main points of naturalism, creationism and existentialism suggested by Baggini. Both pros and cons of the above positions will be discussed and the preferred position will be indicated at the last part. Naturalism is a science aspect to examine the meaning of life. All life has started with the Big Bang 15 billion years ago. This position suggests that the meaning of life can be found by the origin of life. However, as scientific fact show that there is no time and space before the Big Bang, life is determined as meaningless. Naturalism is a position with concrete scientific research and theory supporting this position. However, Baggini argued that there is no causal relationship between the meaning of life and the meaning of our origin. He has given an example, that Frankenstein’s monster has no meaning by its origin but could still find his own meaning, to support meaning can be determined not by the past. Creationism is a religious aspect to examine the meaning of life. There is a creator that has created life. As creator would not create things without meaning, life should have a meaning. This position has the same viewpoints of meaning of life as naturalism, which is the origin of life gives life a meaning. Baggini argued that the meaning of creator created life is not equal to our own life’s meaning, we should find our own meaning of life instead. Moreover, Creationism is related to faith, which has been seen as a risk by
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