Nazi Experiments Essay

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During World War II, Hitler and his Nazis ruled Germany declaring Jews and various other races inferior. Afterwards, all Jews in Germany were rounded up and sent to different concentration camps all throughout Germany. Most people sent to the camps were gassed; however, some were experimented on for the Nazi’s own gain. There were terrible, traumatizing experiments that took place on these camps, horrible experiences for all victims. The gruesome experiments that took place during the Holocaust are abhorrent because the experiments they performed, the procedure of the tests, and the ethical conflicts that these despicable tests left behind. (“Nazi Medical Experimentation”). There was a diversity of experiments performed on prisoners of concentration…show more content…
This dilemma refers to how current scientists should be allowed to use data collected from Nazi experiments. While, these scientists argue that the Nazi experiment data should be made public, people of Jewish descent or people directly affected by the Holocaust argue that it is disrespectful to the people who passed away because of these experiments (“Nazi Medical Experimentation: The Ethics Of Using Data From Nazi Experiments”). Additionally, there is another morality argument that the Nazi medical experiments left behind, is it ethical to use photographs of Holocaust experiments? The conflict begins on how many scholars want to use photos of events in the Holocaust, including medical experiments, for various purposes such as education. However, others argue that using the photographs taken during the Holocaust is not moral and should not be used at all, for evidence or educational reasons. They claim that using the photographs is offensive to the people affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust ("Choosing Not to Look: Representation, Repatriation, and Holocaust Atrocity Photography"). These arguments are examples of how the Nazi medical experiments still have an impact on our society today. Even though the Nazi medical experiments happened nearly 75 years
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