Nazi Experiments

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From 1939 to 1945, Nazi doctors and physicians conducted roughly 70 research experiments, many resulting in death. These cruel experiments were normally conducted in concentration camps. The Nazis had three main areas of research: survival and rescue of german troops, testing of new pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, and experiments trying to confirm Nazi racial ideology. Some of the doctors involved in these experiments were: Karl Brandt, who was Hitler's personal physician and the major general for health and sanitation. Sigmund Rascher conducted high altitude and freezing experiments. Dr. Josef Mengele conducted experiments on twins.Dr.Kurt Heissmeyer worked to find a possible cure/immunity to tuberculosis. Dr. Carl Clauberg was the first Nazi doctor to successfully treat a woman for infertility, leading to Heinrich Himmler conducting artificial insemination experiments. And lastly Dr. Eppinger…show more content…
“Rascher and others conducted freezing experiments at Dachau. For up to five hours at a time, they placed victims into vats of icy water, either in aviator suits or naked; they took others outside in the freezing cold and strapped them down naked” (Tyson). The doctors would then measure vitals and physical reactions along with other factors. The doctors would wait until the body reached a temperature of around 79.7 F then try to rewarm the persons body. The doctors used methods such as, scalding baths, sleeping bags, and even forcing copulation. The best method they found to work was to place the victim in a warm bath and raise the temperature slowly. While its not known how many people the Nazis used for these experiments it is know that between 80 to 100 people were killed during the tests. The research for hypothermia has been used on and off in modern situations but it is still neglected a lot of the time. It has been proven that the cold kills 20 times more people every year than the
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