Essay On Nazi War Crimes

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Nazi war criminals have evaded law enforcement for over 80 years. The prosecution of the war criminals have stretched far and wide in order to get to the level that the prosecutors have reached. It has been declared that the people will not settle for the injustice presented upon them from the Nazi criminals. Continuing to prosecute Nazi war criminals is not only just, it is essential in order to attempt to right the wrongs done to the victims of the Holocaust, prove to disbelievers, and in order to remember the victims. Throughout the Holocaust, there were countless horrendous things done to the prisoners. Not only were they killed, the victims were tortured. In Elie Wiesel testifies in Barbie trial (passage 3), Elie Wiesel states “I do not…show more content…
It is extremely important to prosecute the criminals as a way of remembering the Holocaust victims and knowing what they went through. “Everywhere in the world, there is an obscene attempt by people who call themselves historians who dare to deny the deaths of the victims. Who dares to tell me my parents were not killed in the camps” (Wiesel 6). This shows that many people disbelieve in the Holocaust; therefore they are forgetting the horrendous things done to the victims. It is very important to remember the tragedy that the Holocaust caused in order for it to not happen again. “...monstrosity of these crimes, one owes it to the survivors and the victims not to simply say ‘a certain time has passed, it should be swept under the carpet,’ Kurt Schrimm, the special prosecutor who is leading the renewed effort to bring the Nazi criminals to justice” ( Kozlowska 5). This illustrates that it is important to not “swept under the carpet” and to remember the pain that the victims were put through. Along these lines, it is very important to prosecute the nazi war criminals in order to not forget the pain that the victims
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