The Pros And Cons Of Negligence In Medical Law

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YES! People make mistakes,its called being human.Men are given the nature of human,because there is a reason god is called the almighty.Since no man is perfect in this world ,it is evident that a person who is skilled and has knowledge over a particular subject can also commit mistakes during his practice.
It is very difficult to define negligence;however,the concept has been accepted in jurisprudence . Negligence by doctors has to be determined by the judges who are not trained in medical science.They rely on experts’ opinion and decide on the basis of basic principles of reasonableness and prudence.This brings into a lot of subjectivity into the decision and the effort is to reduce it and have certain objective criteria .This may sound simple but is tremendeouly difficult as medical profession evolves ans experimentation helps in its evolution.Thus,there is a constant tussle between the established procedure and innovative methods .These issues make it extremely .
For a Patient, the doctor is like God. And, the God is infallible. But that is what the patient thinks. In reality, doctors are human beings. Doctors may commit a mistake. Doctors may be negligent .The support staff may be careless. Two acts of negligence may give rise to much bigger problem. It may be due to gross negligence .Anything is possible. In such a scenario, it is critical to determine who was negligent, and under what circumstances. In a country committed to the rule of law, such matters are taken to
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