The Pros And Cons Of Neuromorphic Technology

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Neuromorphic technology is that Computer chips are used which mimic the human brain.
Even today's best super-computers cannot rival sophistication of human brain. Computers are the linear, moving data back and forth between the memory chips and a central processor over a high-speed backbone.
The brain is fully interconnected with logic and memory intimately cross-linked at billions of times density and diversity of that found in a modern computer. Neuromorphic chips aims to process the information in fundamentally different way from the traditional hardware, which mimicking the brain's architecture to deliver huge increase in the computer's thinking and its responding power.
Miniaturization has delivered the massive increases in the
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Technology has only now begun to reach stage where the automotive companies are planning to launches for consumers Initial prices are likely to be the range of $70,000 but would come down significantly as the volumes increase within the next of couple of years.

Recyclable thermoset plastics:

A new kind of plastic to cut landfill waste.

Thermoplastics and thermoset plastics are two types of plastic. The former can be heated and shaped and are used in the modern world many times, containing everything from children's toys to toilet seats. Because they can be melted down and reshaped, thermoplastics are usually recycled. Thermoset plastics can only be heated and shaped once, after which the molecular changes mean they are “cured,” retaining their shape and strength even when they are subjected to intense heat and the pressure.
Thermoset plastics plays a vital part in our modern world. Because they are used in everything from mobile phones and circuit boards to the aerospace industry. But they are impossible to
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