The Pros And Cons Of New Immigration Laws

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Congress, I am writing to you due to the new immigration laws that you have been creating, which is creating a strain on U.S. farmers. Americans are not interested in taking the agriculture jobs that are available, which forces farm owners to hire immigrants to be able to staff their farms. Without immigrants, there would be no one doing the farm jobs, which would cause a lot of farms to cut down their amount of food produced or completely shut down. However, it does not seem like a few farms closing down here and there would be a huge thing for the overall good, but what is not normally discussed is how farm jobs actually support other jobs, actually 3 to 4 jobs on average (Jacoby). With the decrease of farms and farms job, other Americans…show more content…
I also propose that immigrants who chose to do the strenuous work that farm jobs require have some rights in America, such as minimum wage and other rights or benefits. For example, all workers should be paid overtime. One of the most common ideas to get rid of immigrant workers and just have Americans do farm jobs, is to raise the minimum wage that farm workers are paid, however farms have already been doing that and offering other rewards and still no one shows up to the job…show more content…
This could be some serious repercussions if this issue is continued to be ignored or the result stays the same. There are two actual solutions that could be implemented to prevent from any economic trouble. The first one is the have congress reevaluate the current immigration laws, which is shown by figure 1 which is located below. New laws could be put in place instead of the current ones that make it easier for immigrants coming to United States to either get full citizenship or a working visa. Allowing more immigrants to become full class citizens could decrease the negative stigma that is currently held around illegal immigrants who chose to work in America. Another solution that could be used, is that congress could leave immigration laws how they currently are, but make an exception for immigrants who have chosen to step up to the plate and work the farm jobs. By them still doing the jobs, the economy and other jobs are safe and there could still be strict ways of actually becoming a citizen. However, immigrants that are working on the farm jobs that are allowed to stay but are not citizens should still have some protections such as a minimum wage and protection from any abuse that could

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