The Pros And Cons Of New Media

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Media is the means of communication, as radio, newspapers and television, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely. Over the years it has been used, the outlet and channels that are used to communicate the media to the public have changed. In my opinion, “old” media are things such as radio, television, and newspapers. They were the types used first, the oldest forms. Old media has been used in the marketing/advertising and news reporting world for years (Director). I also feel like those three are the branches of media that reach to the oldest people of the world’s population. “New” media in my opinion is considered as magazines, social media like twitter and facebook and the other ones, and the Internet (Director). It is much more digital, so outlets like electronic or digital banners and billboards are considered as new media as well. The internet fits in because you can basically get anything from there. You can get digital newspaper media, as well as the social medias, etc., so the possibilities are basically limitless which makes the internet so useful to people today.
Media lowers the the information cost for viewers and readers. Newspapers have lost readers and advertising to the internet, and I think the reason why is cost (The Economist). If you have a phone, what you have to pay for are the data bills, carrier costs, etc. If you have the internet on it, that is free. Since the world is basically at everyone’s fingertips now, and it costs

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