The Pros And Cons Of Newspaper Advertisement

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Not so long ago, people used to post newspaper advertisement for any requirement in their organization, many leading newspapers used to have special edition that they published on weekly basis and post these requirement. It used to cost them a lot to the employer. Secondly, since there were cost involved in the whole requirement process and these adverting used to contribute a huge amount to the whole recruitment process, the cost were passed to the applicants. The applicant again needs to send a paper based curriculum vitae and attach a bank draft to apply for the job. There were no assurance that the job will be offered, even then the applicants have to pay the cost just for applying for it. Established over 160 years ago, The Times Of India group has entered the mainstream of Indian life in every possible way with 45 dailies and readership of over 40 million. Times Ascent (Wednesday) is a supplement that centers on human resource development, and the impact and implications on business and society. Tariff for Time of India – Ascent ranges from anything between Rs. 45 to Rs. 1545 per For smaller cities, like Guwahati, Nasik, Mysore, it is ranges from Rs 45 to Rs. 110, and price gradually increases for bigger metros like Chennai and Kolkata, they charge around Rs. 600-800. High populated metros like Mumbai and Bangalore get them Rs. 1200- 1500 per sq cm. There is additional premium charges for specific positions in the Times Ascent , like front page 25%, Page 3 15%,

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