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Nicene Christianity

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The deity of Jesus has been a topic of intense debate over several years with different groups coming p with their perception of the identity of Christ. The fourth and fifth centuries witnessed immense confusion about the relationship between Jesus and man as well as Jesus and God. Several councils were formed and numerous teachings were taught, a move that caused many people to fall away from the teachings of the apostles. I will be discussing the controversy surrounding the deity of Jesus by considering the input of various councils and the outcome of their suggestions.
The Controversy
One of the controversial teachings about the deity of Jesus originated from Arius. According to him, the Holy trinity is not equally, with the father
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The Nicene Creed indicates that Jesus is begotten of God and that he was there before everything else was formed. Such perception is the position of my church since we believe that Christ is the son of God as he used to refer to himself in the scripture. My church’s adherence to Nicene orthodoxy has enhanced the message of salvation since it makes people to understand that Christ who is our savior understands our human weakness since he also bears the nature of man. Moreover, it draws people closer to Jesus and the salvation of God through the understanding that despite him being God, he took the incarnate form to save us. Such alignment makes it easy to understand the relationship between God and human beings as well as the love that God had for the world to an extent of giving His only begotten son to die for us. In this light, it is essential that the contemporary Christians align their thinking to Nicene Creed since it enhances the understanding of the deity of Christ and the love of God to
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