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As of late, drugs have been an intense factor in the falling-out of society, cancer patients, and quite frankly, death. Though thousands of individuals die each day because of drug addiction, many countries have not yet taken action in enforcing bans for the wellbeing of the citizens. One of these common drugs, in fact, are seen littering the streets, drifting in the sewers, washed up on sea shores. Nicotine (called “3-(1-methylpyrrolidine-2-yl)pyridine” in chemical form), commonly in the form of cigarettes and cigars, is one of the most common legal drugs throughout the world. Around nineteen percent of all Americans smoke, ranging from young teens to adults. Nicotine is naturally found in the tobacco plant, as well as everyday fruits such as tomatoes and eggplant. For thousands of years, people have been chewing dried tobacco leaves and cultivating it for sales, unaware of the damage it inflicted on their body systems. In addition to this, nicotine can be a synthetic drug. There have are many companies that sell liquids with synthetic nicotine, such as e-cigarettes that use synthetic nicotine rather than tobacco.
Nicotine has many affects the circulatory system. Some of its effects are increased amount of fat in the bloodstream, vessels clogging up, reduced flow of nutrients, increased
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When tobacco smoke is inhaled, it takes only a matter of seconds for it to circulate through the bloodstream and into the brain, a part of the central nervous system (CNS). The drug stimulates the release of several pleasure-inflicting neurotransmitters; hence the reasoning behind why smokers find it so hard to quit. The effects of nicotine wear off within a few minutes, causing some long-term smokers to use up to several packs of cigarettes per day. The bare few minutes of stress-free pleasure makes the brain want more and more until they begin to show withdrawal effects without a daily (or hourly)

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