The Pros And Cons Of Nikki Haley

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We all have complaints in life. So what it 's human nature to complain about why did Donald Trump this, why did Nikki Haley that, why did the other team when, why did they get the promotion at work. We all do it, not that complaining is a trait we should be proud of. However, those things don 't matter in 25 years Nikki Haley will not be governor of the great state of South Carolina and Trump will be 94 years old assuming he is still alive. Here is what society needs in this persons perspective and why. First Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi need to peacefully secede from the union and form a sovereign nation. Second the other states and federal…show more content…
The reason being nobody save the insane, naive and outright evil want war. War cost money, supplies and lives and that last one is not i repeat not replaceable. The secession of those thirteen states will allow its citizens to own guns at will, allow parents to control their children 's education, allow us to return to the gold standard and to set up a government with unpaid and term limited leaders. We can live our lives the way we see fit and enjoy all the benefits of controlling our lives without federal intervention. The other states can have all the gun control, abortion clinics, gay marriage and government run healthcare they want. We can do this peacefully because while some cry preserve the union and others cry for civil war most people have the common sense to see that one may require tyrannical force and the other would get good people on both sides killed. Acting now for the
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