Essay On Transnational Threats

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Mostly the countries have been facing transnational threats, so called nontraditional security challenges, such as illegal migration, drug and human trafficking, gun running, smuggling of commodities and cross border terrorism and so forth. Transnational crime blurs the line between "crime" and "national security" because criminal organizations are now perceived as posing a national security threat to some countries as well as the international community.
Officially demarcated borders cannot keep out transnational threats and such threats have not yet addressed because of some obstacles including mistrust and lack of regional cooperation. In an increasingly interconnected world, security issues are transnational and cannot be addressed effectively by individual states. Transnational threats require common efforts and joint action by governments across borders in order to be dealt with. Nontraditional security challenges require regional integration and regional solutions. On larger regional level, transnational threats require the
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"Over-policing" occurs when greater attention is given to crimes allegedly committed by members of particular minority communities or ethnic groups, or when powers are used more harshly against such persons. "Under-policing" is defined as when the police are less willing to provide sufficient services and help to members of minority communities when they are victims of crime. If we cannot keep equilibrium of policing, sometimes human rights may be infringed and then, the people may be feeling of discontent with the government. As a result, radicalization may emerge within the areas of minority communities or ethnic groups and these areas may become breeding ground for home grown terrorists. Terrorism is under the purview of transnational crime. So, the countries should take care of the activities of law enforcement

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