Why Do We Live In A Dystopian Society

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With all the recent political nonsense that's been going on, there is been a lot of speculation regarding just what kind of horrible future the world is headed towards. Will we really live in a dystopian society like George Orwell presented in his novel in 1984. In my opinion, probably not But where's the fun in that? With all the talk of Russian medelling in the recent U.S. Presidential election Tension between nuclear powers is brewing. The world has avoided nuclear war until now, but what if that were to change? How many nuclear bombs would it take to eradicate humanity? The last time Nuclear weapons were used in war was in 1945, on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, at the end of WWII these bombs, dubbed Fat Man and Little Boy would be considered primitive by today's standards, and were actually two different types of bombs Little Boy, the explosive that destroyed Hiroshima was a uranium gun-type bomb which was detonated by firing one piece of sub-critical material into another triggering the nuclear reaction Fat Man was a plutonium implosion-type bomb which was triggered by essentially using smaller explosives to squeeze the bomb's plutonium core In terms of explosive power, Little Boy is estimated to have been between 12…show more content…
We can consider the average spread of radiation from our B83 bombs over the course of a week, a lethal dose of radiation can creep up to 144km from ground zero giving us an effective lethal range of about 65,869 square kilometers per bomb. So, if we take the total amount of land inhabited by humans. Roughly 18.6 million square kilometers and divide that by our lethal range, you're looking at 283
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