Nuclear Vs Nuclear Fusion Essay

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Nowaday, the energy made from nuclear power plants used for various purposes. The production of electric energy continues. Nuclear power plants generate electricity for nearly 90 percent of their annual time. It reduces price volatility in other fuels such as gasoline. Many countries that use nuclear power plants mostly use fission technologies. The use of fission technologies in many countries means that they have been proven as safely as they are. So my opinion is that nuclear fission technologies are much better than nuclear fusion. If a nuclear fuel (uranium) atom absorbs neutrons in order to be stable, the uranium will divide into two smaller reactors and release one to three neutrons. The kinetic energy of waste is used to heat the water for the steam turbine. Neutrons are used to divide the next many uranium atoms and the process continues. And the energy that…show more content…
With such a high cost, it costs a lot of money to make it. Futhermore, even if we success to build the nuclear fusion plants, we will have a big problem, is the lack of known material to handle the extremely high levels of heat needed for fusion. Until there is something that can maintain a high temperature, the future of energy sources can not be found. Also, we doen’t have a technology to restore the massive amount of energy. Nuclear fusion technology produces astronomical amounts of energy at once, and so far it has not been able to control or store nuclear fusion plasma. In other words, it is a waste of time because you can not store much energy when you make it. And the current technology may not be able to make a workable nuclear fusion reactor yet.
Because the approach to fusion is not going to fail to find a miracle breakthrough, it 's not the time we need to get there, but it 's the time we need to invest billions more, if not billions, of dollars in something that 's
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