Arguments Against Nuclear Energy

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In the world today, there is a constant debate on what to do about the growing issue of global warming. Ultimately, the issue can be correlated with the production of energy using nonrenewable resources, fossil fuels. Countless companies have made an effort to make the world ‘cleaner’, by using innovative and contemporary processes of creating energy. Energy sources have sprouted up in morals of creating energy efficiently and does not provide any harmful effects on the environment. One of these various sources of new energy is Nuclear Energy. Nuclear energy is made by nuclear fission, which is the process of splitting the nucleus of an atom and taking the energy that is released during the reaction. Nuclear energy does create an immense amount…show more content…
The safety of the production of nuclear energy has not yet to be constant. As the quantum mechanics behind the nuclear particle, gamma, can be very unpredictable. As the field of study is predominantly revolved around the theoretical processes of the principles regarding the mechanisms of quantum particles. “[R]adiation is not just a concern in a nuclear accident. Each link in the nuclear fuel chain releases radiation, starting with drilling for uranium; it then continues for generations because nuclear waste includes plutonium that will remain toxic for thousands of years. Despite years of research, countries with nuclear energy programs such as the United States have failed to solve the challenge of finding safe and secure storage for 'spent ' nuclear fuel... There are presently over 400 nuclear power plants in the world - many, in places at high risk for natural disaster or political upheaval.” (Lama 2011) There are also hypothetical situations that can occur in regards to a nuclear power plant. Living by or miles away from a nuclear power plant presents a great safety concern for the general population. The waste produced by the power plant has the ability to seek into the main water supply and the soil, evidently making the sources radioactive. Threats have also presented itself of possible attacks on a nuclear power plant. The dangerous and lethal effects that if a nuclear power plant were to have a meltdown are extreme. The radioactive material has the ability to travel and expand further than a uranium nuclear blast. The death toll will increase as radiation will travel for miles and miles reaching places that are not in near of the power plant. “The 2011 accident at Fukushima was a wake-up call reminding the world of the vulnerability of nuclear power plants to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. However, nature is not the only potential threat to
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