Nuclear Energy: The Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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Twenty years ago energy sources were limited, so, throughout the years the engineers tried to solve this problem in creative ways. They had electricity, solar energy and other sources of energy but, these kinds of energy had more disadvantages than the advantages. Humans cannot go forward in life without energy. However, in the past few years they discovered nuclear energy like solar energy and nuclear energy. These energy sources supply us with the energy we need to run everything around us. Nowadays engineers are looking for the perfect way to create energy. It must be clean, safe, controlled and functional energy source. We can use solar energy ore wend energy, but it can not be controlled due to motor problems. However, in this essay…show more content…
Moreover, fission is the process of splitting the atom nucleus into multiple parts, which release a huge amount of energy. Although nuclear power can be used for distraction, it can be used for peaceful purposes. Engineers in the 21st century focused a lot on the challenges which is mainly about preventing nuclear terror. In addition, they must keep track of and secure the dangerous nuclear materials. The essay is divided into four sections. The first section is about possible applications of nuclear power, the second is about nuclear power in the wrong hands, the third gives solutions offered to solve the problem, and the part is our point of view on this matter. Humans ' interest in nuclear power leads to engaging this power in a lot of fields. It was used to provide heat because splitting reaction produces heat naturally. In addition, nuclear power can help us produce electricity, which is required in different fields all around the world. Moreover, It is used to diagnose diseases in the hospitals by using its radioactivity. It can be used for bad purposes such as terror activities. Some countries are using it to produce a wiping that can kill a million of…show more content…
Also, they are looking forward to make the nuclear power a helpful energy. They want to make a sound system that can track the nuclear activities. There are a lot of great ways that can prevent nuclear terror. The engineers just have to find the safest, functional and creative way to apply it. The most important thing is to have rules that prevent all countries from using it for terror purposes and allow the world to invest this power in a good way. In conclusion, we think that nuclear power is a good source of energy, So the scientist should use it more than any other energy source. They can 't stop using it because it can used for . It is just a matter of time until they stope the world from using it in a harmful way. The best thing about nueclear power is that it does not harm the environment or animals unlike fuel. There are some things that may help the human race to survive without being harmed by nuclear terror after setting rules. The nuclear power should be in a good hand, so people don 't misuse it again. It most be handed to a specific organization and anyone uses it for any terror purposes should be punishment. It is hard to apply this solution, but the scientists are looking forward to find a similar solution. The country must have some
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