Security Issues In Iran

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President Obama has urged Iran and North Korea to abandon its nuclear programs and avoid "confrontation", warning that the breach of international commitments would lead to certain consequences. The views of countries in the Seoul summit ,and it includes the views of countries like Iran about nuclear terrorism attention to the political aspects of double standards and the exploitation of the issue as leverage against some countries. He was one of the key issues at the summit meetings nuclear security and the new Washington pledged not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon with the exception of Iran and North Korea.
At the same time, Iran is believed to have been run nuclear terrorism to leverage against Tehran in an attempt to link
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According to Iran, most of the countries of the world the Security Council consider the United Nations and the IAEA Board of Governors undemocratic. Iran's problem stems from the West are unfair attitude towards the…show more content…
The first challenge is the concept of "interconnected security." After the concept of the ideological war against terrorism and security interconnected entered the national strategy for the security of the United States, and the issue of nuclear terrorism has become connected in the Security interconnected world, the United States and the Middle East, and highlight Iran's nuclear energy program in a major threat to this security. On the other hand, linking these two concepts with global security and the United States authorizes Washington to explain the large-scale use of force, and therefore pre-emptive strikes against other countries. The second challenge is the formation of a global US-led coalition and the goals of domination behind the leadership of Washington. From the Iranian point of view, and the formation of a coalition in the framework of nuclear conferences constitute constraints and challenges against Iran in its quest towards achieving a peaceful nuclear program. This alliance not only denies any opportunities for
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