The Pros And Cons Of Obamacare

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Obamacare’s lawfulness has been in dispute since its origin in 2010. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was passed on the grounds that it would provide affordable government healthcare to all citizens of the US. The policies contained within give much power to the government over healthcare. These policies have helped some people gain access to healthcare. However, these policies have also taken away some of the freedoms that Americans had before (Tennant). Despite government healthcare providing affordable healthcare to all citizens, government healthcare hurts our nation, because it violates the principles of America and does not work as well as a free-market system. The PPACA violates the very principles of America in…show more content…
In order for a business to get the upper hand, it would have to lower its prices. Other businesses would retaliate by also lowering their prices, turning down the overall price of healthcare (Cannon). As seen in Europe and Canada’s socialist healthcare systems, government healthcare reduces the quality of health services and greatly increases the wait times for elective surgery (Rogoff 75). The lowering of quality of medical services is due to the lack of any market drive to make it better. Instead of a business selling medical technology in order to make a return, the technology is handed out through government healthcare. A market drive would drive innovators in medical technology to continue to make breakthroughs, creating better, more efficient medical care that would catch the attention of consumers (Rogoff…show more content…
This argument may seem true at first glance, but the argument is truly invalid due to tax effects resulting from government debt. At this moment, US costs for Obamacare have reached 15% of national income (Rogoff 74). In 30 years, the costs are projected to reach a staggering 30% of national income (Rogoff 74). High government debts can only mean higher taxes for the citizens. With taxes from healthcare slowly creeping into one’s income, a person under government healthcare is essentially paying the same, if not more, than a person under independent healthcare (Peikoff). Whether it is the scary policies in the PPACA or the destruction of market drive through government handouts, government healthcare is not the best route for the US. A free-market system provides much more advantages than a government system. A free-market system also puts more freedom in the hands of a consumer. A government healthcare system would even raise taxes and make the people pay more, opposite of its intended purpose. To agree with and accept the idea of government healthcare does not only hurt the people of the US, but it destroys and leaves behind the ideas that the US was founded on, the very ideas that made the United States of America the greatest country for a person to live
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