The Pros And Cons Of Obstacles In The Glass Castle

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Any obstacle or disadvantage may be turned into something good if you really want to change what the situation is. In the book “The Glass Castle” Jeannette Walls went through a plethora of obstacles and disadvantages in her life that caused dilemmas for her, yet they never stopped her. In the book “ The Outsider” just by the fact of being born a greaser was already a disadvantage and there was still more obstacles to come, but that didn’t stop Ponyboy from trying to change his situation for better. Some people say that usually when you’re in a difficult situation where there are many obstacles and disadvantages in your way, you should either give up or just move to somewhere else where the situation is easier. I’ve heard this from more people than I can count and there are still many more with different ideas, but that lead to the same conclusion as said above. No matter who you are you apparently can’t win through a situation like this; however, I learned otherwise. I’ve recently learned from many experiences in life that whatever situation you’re in with obstacles…show more content…
For example, in the book “The Outsiders” Ponyboy was born being a greaser which had him at a disadvantage already; furthermore, he had obstacles coming his way because of the socs. Consequently, the socs were guys who would beat up greasers for the fun of it, and since Ponyboy was a greaser he had much to worry about. This affected him to an excessive amount, for his life would change much after getting into a fight with one where a soc ended up dead. As a result, Ponyboy had many obstacles which cause him an abnormal amount of pain, Johnny’s death, Dally’s death, being a greaser; however, he didn’t let this stop him. As you can see, Ponyboy who was born into such a horrible life didn’t let that stop him from changing into someone who could be

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