The Pros And Cons Of Offender Profiling

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To start with, do you know that what is offender profiling? Different authors have defined offender profiling by using different terms such as specific profile analysis, psychological profiling, criminal profiling and criminal personality profiling. However, the basic concept of definitions remains the same (Jackson and Bekerian, 1997). Beauregard, Lussier and Proulx (2005) state that offender profiling provides some descriptive information on the behaviors and individuality of an offender. Number of suspects can be narrowed and finally solve the cases by analyzing the crime scene features. Muller (2000) describes the information which the criminal profile uses is often taken from the scene of crime, profilers will take into consideration with…show more content…
Third, there are many ways that crime analysis benefits law enforcement. But, there isn’t any offender profiling can be correct completely. Take a medical doctor as an example. What is a doctor’s job? Doctors can help treating patients. So, what is the doctor’s role? Doctor practice medicine. No doctor can guarantee that he can help you cure your disease. In addition, doctors cannot even guarantee that they will not make you worse. Why? If the medicine is a science, why the doctors do not write out the agreement, stating that you will be one hundred percentages cured in the treatment of a certain process? This is because, although the medicine is a science, doctors according to their specialty practice. By the same token, offender profiling may not always be one completely true, but based on the experts under thousands of cases, with their many years of experience and use their expertise to work. Offender profiling is only one of many tools for the police criminal investigation. Sometimes, it can help police to reduce time to narrow the focus in the investigation. In many cases, it can also help the police to reiterate what detectives has already known. Research done by the analyzer has helped the police to focus on the rights of the murder suspects. In addition, the analyzer provides specifically for the interview with the detective suspects were questioned design skills. These will help to stimulate the information may not be brought in other ways. Offenders profile does…show more content…
Importantly, criminal profile maybe misleads police. It maybe allow the criminal to escape detection, police cannot arrest the offender as soon as possible. It will let an innocent person may be dead as a result. One of the case in Hong Kong in 2006, the offender Tsui Po Ko, he was a police constable in the Hong Kong Police Force. He was commit bank robbery and murder. During the investigation, police are narrowing down an area of suspects that the offender was a left-handed person. It is because the CCTV displayed that the person who commit the bank robbery is holding a gun with the left-hand. Then, police narrowed down the area of suspects, Tsui Po was not a suspect in the crime area so that police cannot arrest the offender as soon as possible. But, this does not imply that profiles should be ignored or should never be used by police again, but that profiling should be approached with caution. Criminal profiling should not be blindly accepted or should not be relied on because it may be something that may not have any relationship to the real
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