The Pros And Cons Of Oil Fracking

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Oil fracking has caused a lot of controversy the last couple years. Many believe that it is causing more harm than good. The House Committee of Natural Recourses had an entire meeting discussing oil fracking on federal managed and Native Lands. It also uses an incredible amount of water and chemicals. Many believe that this is the causation of many earthquakes that have occurred in the last years. Water contaminations are a possible risk of fracking. With all the chemicals used for oil fracking, it could cause harm the human body. Although it provides many jobs and gives us oil and natural gas, there are many factors of fracking that has harmed the environment. Oil fracking, also known as hydraulic fracking or hydrofracking, has been used for roughly 65 years to get natural gas. It is one of the many ways people have used to get oil by drilling into the ground. Hydrofracking is a combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The goal is to drill about a mile, sometimes more, into the Earth to get to the Marcellus formation,…show more content…
It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to retrieve natural gas and oils. Fracking was created to access more oil than before they could. By drilling horizontally not just straight down more oil is easily accessed and it has been a lot quicker too. With so much oil the gas prices all across America have been decreasing. The United States no longer has to rely on other foreign countries for their resources since oil fracking is done on American soil. Hydraulic fracking has also caused a huge increase in employment by about 67% due to the technology that is being used. (Rinkesh) In the future not only will more oil be easier to get, but it may also reduce the levels of air pollution, which could result in global warming to go down a bit. Hydro fracking brings about 300,000 barrels of natural gas in just one day. It’s a great and simpler way to retrieve natural gas and
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