Online Dating: Finding Love In The 21st Century

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Online dating is rapidly becoming the preferred method for finding love in the 21st century. Once stigmatised, now embraced as mainstream, studies show that 1 in 5 relationships now begin online. The drive in popularity is evidently due to convenience, as our lives become increasingly busier the traditional methods of meeting people start to fall by the wayside. Online dating also provides a platform for people who would otherwise find it difficult to meet someone at a social event, meaning everybody now has an avenue to socialise and find a partner. Dating as we know it is changing and for the most part that is a good thing however one aspect still remains – meeting the perfect partner takes time and patience, essentially dating is a numbers…show more content…
No one wants to become a victim of falsehood; to feel cheated or scammed. Start your interactions slowly, take you time, life isn’t a movie, real love takes time; the aim is to connect with someone. As you correspond online, have meaningful discussions; talk about your background, education and life experiences although be sure not to share too much information. Being flirtatious is fun however until we actually know this person it serves better in simply engaging in conversation that will ultimately build trust; if they are serious and committed in pursuit of a real relationship then they will feel the same. Online dating sites are the bridge between meeting someone for the first time and meeting them in person and without genuine, real world interaction trust will always be an issue. We also need to recognise that only in the rarest of occasions has real love blossomed without the two people ever meeting each other subsequently it would be somewhat naive to believe that we’ve found the person of our dreams without ever even speaking with them, face to face. When you feel ready, arrange to meet the person in broad daylight and in a public environment; the location is your prerogative, there is no requirement for it to be romantic – it is good to see if you both connect in the most mundane and natural of settings. Be sure to have a friend or relative to…show more content…
Do not be scared to do your due diligence; are they on social media? if the Facebook page they sent you has virtually nothing on it, then again be skeptical. Listen to your gut feeling; sometimes they may seem so wonderful that we do not want to accept what our instinct is telling us. Never feel pressurised to enter into anything you are not comfortable with.
Having said that online dating is a great way to put yourself out there. Thousands of people manage to make it through the minefield of online dating to find true love, long lasting relationships, and marriage. It is a device to be used for a higher purpose and if used and managed correctly can aid you so very well.
An Online psychic can help guide you in telling you whether the person you have connected with is genuine or just having some fun. Do not hold back if you wish to validate your online

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