The Pros And Cons Of Online Education

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As technology evolves, and the world develop, everything in life changes. These changes sometimes are positive and sometimes negative. Sometimes inventions related to technology such as online educations may create controversy between people, not knowing if it was good or bad. Online education or in other words Web Based Learning has a lot of storm in the academic world, as people still do not know whether if it was useful to students and their teachers, or whether it was going to worsen the teaching process. People usually take in consideration the advantages without the disadvantages, and that is mistaken. Despite the pros that online education has, it also has cons. Even though online education could be useful, but it sometimes has bad consequences like confusion in learning and educating, less instructional support, and social isolation. First of all, it is known that educators and students spend most of their time in classrooms with all the normal equipment, in which students learn from the explanation of their instructor, and them fulfilling their curiosity by asking questions and getting the answers in return. Nowadays, with the constant growth of online education, it is almost impossible to get this advantage. The reason causing this to happen is the confusion both sides may face while in the process of teaching and learning behind a screen. To be more specific, some of them are not used to these new teaching methods, which needs an outspread
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