The Pros And Cons Of Organ Donation

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Reports of reported figures from hospitals across China that shows the number of organ transplants carried out throughout the country are all inaccurate. There is a massive discrepancy according to the former Canadian lawmaker David Kilgour, human rights lawyer David Matas, and journalist Ethan Gutmann. This anomaly happened because people, whose views conflict with the ruling Chinese Communist Party, are being murdered for their organs. The Communist party says that there are about 10,000 transplants per year, but in fact, 60,000 to 100,000 organs are transplanted each year in Chinese hospitals. The Chinese government has been trying to cover up this issue - illegal organ donors. A part of the society argues that there is no need to be ashamed of this action. A lot of benefits can be derived. Why would the biggest country in the world cover up the reality by proposing a law to ban organ trafficking, but still do the activity covertly? Organ donation is a refined and noble deed. People say that selling organs for a price is a crime, even so it is still part of organ donation. The authorities have previously acknowledged that corneas, kidneys and other body parts from criminals have been transplanted named Xiao Huang expresses her gratitude after having her first experience of organ trafficking. Last year during winter, she accidentally encountered a gang of people who extract human organs and tissue. She was forced to do it and at that time she was powerless. She begged for

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