Should Selling Organs Be Morally Permissible

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To begin with, I partially feel that the selling of organs should be morally permissible including the procurement programs run by the States that offer financial compensation to living donor as long as the donor is not coerced even if his financial status is not good, lacking capacity, ill-informed or manipulated and helps those recipients who are genuinely in need. This way the donor achieves both purpose viz compensation and life of recipient. As we all know, organ donation is a noble act and can save many lives, however, there are pros and cons on the subject.
There are black marketers and hence legalization to reduce the influence of these bodies and implementation of legal compensation organ donation program is a must to decrease the amount of business going to the Black Market and also minimize exploitation of the donors, specifically poors. Despite stringent laws it is
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It is also a fact that any finanacial attraction or motivation may encourage most of the people belonging to poor family or those below poverty line or those who wants to meet their high expenses to come forward to donate organs. This encouragement to living donors may open doors for businessmen, who in turn, will not bother for the quality of the donors, recipients and organs, and indulge in the business into deep where there will be competition among the business community for obtaining maximum organs from living donors and procurement to recipients to earn maximum benefit. This trend will become very dangerous and make organ donation a commodity or product for sale in the market for the benefit of either side wherein ultimately the living donors will be the most affected person as mostly the donation is under compelling situations and after torturing the body and also in the long run due to market competition there will minimum benefit to the
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