The Pros And Cons Of Oscar Wilde's Work

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(CUESTIONARIO) According to the article published by the University of Kent, a wide range of workers are needed for getting the best cooperation possible. It clearly explains which way each worker does his job, and the ideas presented there can be reflected in every kind of group, including ours. After analysing and taking into account the reasons given, a conclusion has been reached. After contrasting the results, it has been proved that this team has a special ability when talking about analysing. Taking into account the risks, evaluating different ways of solving an obstacle and proposing a flexible view of the subject, are the points which this team can exploit the most, or being more simple, the strongest points. Also, deadlines and schedules…show more content…
In terms of leadership and commitment, we are lacking of initiative. Having prioritized the complications, it has been agreed that a more leadership style needs to be reached, including a more active commitment. All in all, after contrasting the pros and cons, it is quite clear the fact that the team formed by us is quite organized and well skilled, although we are lacking of initiative. A more active commitment and a group with more initiative are the objectives which this group is trying to…show more content…
“The Happy Prince” finishes with God requesting the most valuable things in town which are the statue of the Happy Prince and the little bird. They’re both rewarded for their efforts in helping the poor and offering up their own lives to do God’s work. “The Selfish Giant” meets Jesus at the end of the story when the first child he ever helped and loved returned to him with marks on his hands, implying that he is Jesus and is bringing the Giant to Heaven. The child represents the purity, innocence, and love that Jesus instills in our hearts. That is the thematic connection between children, love and innocence as the saviors of one

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