The Pros And Cons Of Overbooking

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Front Office CA Why do we need so many people front of house these days? Mobile phones have replaced switchboards. The internet has replaced reservation clerks. You can do everything with computers; the hotel could be more or less “self-service” for guests! In regards to the above statement I highly disagree with it. We need to have people in the front office portion of a hotel as it is the first impression that each guest has when they enter the hotel. Therefore, if it was self-service it wouldn’t feel like a very welcoming hotel to the guests and may stop them from rebooking or telling a friend to book into it. This would then cause the hotel to lose money as they thrive off returning customers, good reviews and word of mouth. However, if people are not enjoying their stay then they tend not to come back, leave a bad review or no review at all. The ‘self-service’ idea for hotels may lead to people going to different hotels that have people at…show more content…
However, there are some disadvantages when it comes to over booking. There can be financial loss within the hotel as the guest will have to be moved to another hotel there for the profit will be given to the other hotel. Guests can be negatively effected by the process of overbooking and it is not a good long-term strategy. Usually it leaves the hotel with bad reviews if overbooking happens and there are no cancellations or no-shows. If overbooking happens guests need to be placed in different hotels which can cost the hotel that over booked more money because they will have to pay the difference to the other hotel. Over booking can have many negative effects on the hotels reputation, they would find that customer loyalty would decrease especially among the guests who had to be relocated to a different hotel all together. The hotel can avoid this by making sure that all reservations are closely

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