The Pros And Cons Of Overfishing

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The next major issue is the overfishing of the species. Cod fish have been an iconic part of New England. It is the staple ingredient of fish and chips, and is a popular choice for people who don’t love fish but still want to try it. The meat of cod is very subtle, it’s not very fishy and it has a good flakey texture. Because of its extreme popularity, cod fish was brought in by the millions. Year after year they have been hunted relentlessly. This has put strain on their population and ability to survive. The Boston Globe shows a chart that reveals how much the cod stocks dropped by in Canada. The chart shows that in 1990 there were 921,660 metric tons of adult cod in the area. By 1995 there was only 9,680 metric tons left(David Abel, Boston…show more content…
The issue surrounding warming water temps is something that is out of our control. We can’t keep the cod from leaving but we can assist the ones still living our waters. To promote healthy growth amongst the population, overfishing needs to end. To start, all fishing of the species should end. It’s a possible solution to stop driving thing further off the coast. Also more fish will be born and can grow to keep the population going. Another option is something that every fish consumer can do. Buy different species, rather than cod. Haddock is virtually the same fish. They are a better option because of how fast they reproduce and they are in abundance. Their meat has the same taste and color, the texture is almost identical, it’s less expensive, and since it doesn’t feed off the bottom haddock is a cleaner option. As far as awareness goes, the only thing to be done is spread the word. If more people knew about this situation, more support would grow to save these gorgeous fish. It is hard to pass laws and regulations, without support. The lawmakers and officials only assist the side with more people backing it up. As of this moment fishermen rule the board. The only thing that can change the way our industries operate would be if the people rose up and fought for

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