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Oxygen and fuel combustion produces approximately 75% less flue gas than air fuel combustion and produces exhaust consisting primarily of CO2 and H2O. The justification for using oxy-fuel is to produce a CO2 rich flue gas ready for "The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir." This has significant advantages over traditional air-fuel combustion. The mass and volume of the flue gas is reduced, less heat is lost in the flue gas. The size of the flue gas treatment equipment can be reduced. The flue gas is primarily CO2, suitable for sequestration. Because nitrogen from air is not allowed in, nitrogen oxide production is greatly reduced.
Keywords: CO2 rich flue gas, Sequestration, Reduced flue gas volume, Reduced NO
In general process for the combustion in an IC
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The CO2 discharge during exhaust can be utilized in sequestration process.
The supply of oxygen will be possible in the combustion chamber either by installing a separate cylinder for this purpose or by a system specially designed for extracting O2 from the atmospheric air.

Based on above concept it is clear that when 100% oxygen is used for the combustion, it results in optimization of fuel economy and zero N2 emission in the atmosphere. Exhaust of CO2 can be used for Geological sequestration.
Exhaust system is required to be redesigned for this type of exhaust and collection of CO2 will be done by this in a separate reservoir, and from this reservoir this collected CO2 can be supplied to a storage unit for further processing and this will help in minimizing the carbon footprint in the

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