Essay On Oxygenated Compounds

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Oxygenated compounds
Oxygenated fuel is a compound that has a chemical compound containing oxygen. It helps to burn fuel more efficiently so reduces some type of atmospheric pollution. It reduces carbon mono oxide emission and smog formation. Oxygenated fuel allows fuel in vehicles to burn more efficiently because more of fuel is burning so there are fewer chemical pollutants released. Oxygenated fuel also help to cut down renewable fossil fuel consumption.

Requirements of good oxygenated properties-
-Oxygenates that are to be blended with diesel fuel must have fuel properties appropriate for engine fuel.
-Oxygenate must be miscible with various diesel fuels over the range of environmental temperature seen
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This period is counted from the start of injection to the point where the pressure time curve separates from the motoring curve.
Physical delay- Physical delay is time between the beginning of injection and the attainment of chemical reaction conditions. During this period the fuel is atomized, vaporized, mixed with air and raised to its self-ignition temperature.
Chemical delay- During the chemical delay, the reaction starts slowly and then accelerates until inflammation or ignition takes place. Generally the chemical delay is larger than the physical delay.
Factors affecting delay period-
1. Compression ratio
2. Engine speed
3. Output
4. Atomization of fuel and duration of injection
5. Injection timing
6. Quality of fuel
7. Intake temperature
8. Intake

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