The Pros And Cons Of Parental Leave

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“Our country 's parental leave policies are woefully behind the rest of the world, and today San Francisco has taken the lead in pushing for better family leave policies for our workers” (Wiener) . Parental leave is when the companies/ government pay a worker to spend time with their newborn in the family. Recently the United States was acknowledged to be the only country to not have mandatory parental leave for parents of newborns. This would be arguable for whether or not it should be allowed and enforced as a new law. Reasons for parental leave would be financial issue, bonding time and educational increases. The last topic talks about the issues and cons of having parental leave for mainly mothers. The employers in the United States should be required to only have one, either the husband or wife to have paid parental leave in the household.This will help increase the amount of women involved in working and also help with financial issues of having a newcomer or developing educational skills.
In 2018 parental leave should be accepted among many corporations In the United States to create stability and financial support to new families. In the article by she emphasizes the need for parental leave by saying, “Paid parental leave would also help keep families afloat financially as they adjust to the financial burden of a newborn. It would also help reduce child care costs, an expense that can actually exceed the cost of college.”(Elizabeth Strassner). The quote is
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