The Pros And Cons Of Pearl Harbor

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During the time of the World War II and because of the surprise attack by Japan towards the US naval base Pearl Harbor, located on the island of Hawaii, the enmity between these two countries was declared. The situation that caused a lot of controversy was the decision taken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to sign the executive order 9066 in May 1942. This order was to internalize Japanese and even entire families in remote areas of the cities to be able to avoid any type of espionage by Japan, since there was no way to ensure that the Japanese Americans and their families were loyal to the nation of the United States. The internees began one month after the signature of the new order. Buses and trains were used to transport the japanese in the fields of California which were under military guard. This was frowned upon by many Japanese Americans and other civilians, since the conditions in which they were interned were very bad because there was no good ventilation, electricity and food. In this way it was thought that the civil rights of the citizens were being violated, that even though their race was an enemy, they could not be sure that they were guilty or innocent.


Many people thought that what Rosevelt had ordered and signed was an injustice, but there is a dispute between whether he did the right thing or there is no justification. It is known that it was not a fair deal on the part of the president at that time and it is still thinking the same, but
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