The Pros And Cons Of Peer Pressure

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Chapter 6 21st century child and peer pressure- How can parents protect their children against peer pressure, bullying and other related social problems. Peer pressure puts more strain on family bond than any other issue. Your child will eventually yield to certain decisions made for them by their peers, because they are afraid of not fitting into the group of friendship, or they are afraid that their friends will taunt them and make fun of them for not getting “cool”. Childhood should not be a carefree time, because schools and social lives can trigger stress in the lives of young children. It is important for parents to help their 21st children cope with stress and develop a skill and habit to handle everyday pressure. Most kids may not initiate conversation with parents when they are facing peer pressure, but parents should try to open the communication line once they notice some changes in their children. Parents should understand what their kids worry more about, because such worries are the earliest symptoms of peer pressure, they include; - Grades, and tests, - Changing their bodies and appearances, - Fitting in with their friends, - The goals or scoring chances they missed at sporting events, - The number of people who dislike or like them. - The bullies they face often, and - What their teachers tell them. When a child is overwhelmed by peer pressure, there are certain symptoms they do show, these include; - Sad and irritable mood with tearful feelings, - Not
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