The Pros And Cons Of People's Dependence On Technology

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In the globalization era, humankind has achieved great advancement in the politics, economy and social. Throughout the years, it proves that humankind keeps improving and creating new technology gadgets. Nowadays, electronic devices and gadgets have become one of our basic needs. They have slowly transformed into our life companions. For example, the robots that resembles human help us do house chores and babysitting children. Although this new trend seems to bring benefits and increase one’s life quality, it also creates awareness in society, claiming that people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication.
If anyone were to ask for my opinion about this issue, I would say that people’s dependence on technology has its pros and cons to human’s creativity and communication. In my opinion, people’s dependence on technology has encouraged human to use their creativity to improve the gadgets that we currently have as we use technology gadgets almost every single second in daily life. As the usage of technology gadgets increases, people discover weakness of a certain gadgets. Eventually, new ideas come up to overcome the weakness. In the past, people use pestle and mortar to grind ingredients such as chilli and spices for cooking. People realises that using pestle and mortar is tiring and consumes a lot of time. As a result, people invent the blender and grinder that we use today. Therefore, people’s dependence on technology has contribute to our life
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