Performance Appraisal Report

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The performance appraisal is conducted as a structured, formal interview between the subordinate and his supervisor. In this interview the performance of the employee is examined and discussed, while weaknesses and strengths as well as the needs for development are identified.

This strategy is intended as a method of having greater employee participation. Here the employee’s needs are being identified by the management with the help of the same employee. Hence, the performance appraisal intends to develop; self-analysis, employee input into evaluations, feedback, and goal setting by workers. Therefore, it entails creating a learning experience that motivates workers to improve their performance while helps the employees and managers establish
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This difficulty is most often attributed to faults in the rating format used and deficiencies in appraisal content. In addition, supervisors are often reluctant to conduct performance appraisals because of the feelings of retribution, alienation, and personal failure. When interviewed some have commented that the areas indicated in the appraisal form are too general, hence they cannot be assessed specifically on some tasks. Also, this appraisal is strongly based on a monetary reward which due to the method of assessment this bonus is unfairly distributed amongst the…show more content…
360 degree appraisals have been long known for cultivating trust and teamwork between employees. They encourage employees to positively help one another understand how their performance and actions impact the whole team.

Executive Appraisal
The 360-degree feedback is ideal for conducting appraisals for top-level executives. This would be a new concept for the organisation as there is no proper method to assess the performance of the senior management within the organisation.

Top management in MEPA have found it difficult to obtain genuine feedback on their performance. Often assuming that the organisation’s performance and therefore its success or failure is a reliable indicator of their personal effectiveness.

When it comes to evaluating senior level employees, 360 degree appraisals work best. During a 360 degree performance appraisal lower-level managers and employees freely provide feedback without the fear of retribution. This system offers freedom for the appraisal to be conducted anonymously. This approach should be a preferred approach since anonymity is a good way to bring out more genuine and honest

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