The Pros And Cons Of Performance Management

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Performance management has been used as the traditional appraisal system in many organizations. This system, although can seem fool proof, comes with many factors. While there are multiple types of performance management, one will suit best for diverse types of organizations. Performance management builds the relationship between organizations and employees, as well as compensation. Successful implementation of a performance appraisal system is key to the success.
“Performance management.”
“Performance management is the systematic process by which an agency involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of agency mission and goals” (Overview & History, n.d.). Performance management is set in place to assist with employee development and cover task in a set period. The system is used for employee and organizational development. Much like any system, it has its pros and cons.
Prominent types of performance management plans.
Performance appraisals are a significant part of performance management. “Performance appraisal methods fall into four broad categories, trait systems, comparison systems, behavioral systems, and goal-oriented systems” (Martocchio, 2017, ch. 3.3).
The trait system is a very common practice, especially in organizations that have high customer interaction. “The trait systems ask raters to evaluate each employee’s traits or characteristics (e.g., quality of work, quantity of
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