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Almost forty-five million adults accompanied by nearly seventeen million children in the United States suffered from a mental illness in the year 2016(11). Anxiety, Eating disorders, Schizophrenia are a few of several mental and emotional illnesses that a person can have(BE). Not only does about one-fifth of our population have mental illnesses in the U.S, but there are many people who do not receive any type of treatment. There are various treatments and productive plans for these mental and emotional illnesses: Support Group, Medication, and peer support are some of the more common treatments(13BEs). These treatments have shown great signs of improvement among the individual with the illness, but one treatment is just as effective and easy…show more content…
Cardiovascular disease(CVD) is known as the primary cause of death in the United States. Due to an increase of obesity in society, weight control is becoming more difficult. Therefore, CVD risk factors are being poorly controlled. Despite several advances, morbidity remains significant. Numerous valuable effects of pet therapy have been reported in patients with CVD. A relationship with a pet can cause lower blood pressure, raised levels of physical activity, improved glucose levels, in people with Cardiovascular…show more content…
Everyone can have feelings of depression, but its diagnosed in someone who shows severe symptoms. There are a few treatments to help those with depression. The most frequently used treatments include antidepressants and medication, social support and therapy, exercise and nutrition. Not only are there several emotional and mental effects that occur to someone who has depression, but physical effects as well. Depression can introduce additional chemicals into the body, produce high blood glucose levels, and ascend levels of stress hormones. (BOOK)Pet therapy, is a relatively new form of study among those with depression(7). Scientists have shown that a person is four times less likely to be diagnosed with depression if he or she has an animal companion(1). Chemicals called endorphins are released when a person pets an animal. Endorphins counteract a person’s reaction to pain by causing a sense of well-being. Endorphins are known to cause a boost in energy and positive feelings, furthermore neutralizing the severity of depressed

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