Pharmaceutical Promotion Case Study

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Write an article for a newspaper aimed at the general public with the aim to inform and convince the public of your position with regards to pharmaceutical promotion, the nature of the problem, the dilemma’s and the (need for?) regulation.’ At this moment, there are about 81,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives in America. These 81,000 salesmen have about 830,000 doctors and or people who are allowed to subscribe as their target. pharmaceutical representatives will often try to see a doctor once every few weeks. Also These representatives have a call list which consists of about 200/300 doctors with up to 120 to 180 special “targets” who they must visit minimally every two or three weeks These little visits, which every doctor probably…show more content…
Free meals, with all other forms of pharmaceutical marketing towards doctors, is detrimental to the profession as a doctor and for your patients. This can result in the prescription of drugs. Based on marketing, and not facts , which invariably results in increased costs and reduced effectiveness . Now to solve this problem not only the doctor should change their habits. The government should also interfere: They should regulate the information that these pharmaceutical company’s provide to doctors. Also making certain “gifts” illegal. Under no circumstances should a pharmaceutical representative be allowed to make contact with doctors without their consent. The most important law I would suggest is making a quota of percentage of which is maximally allowed to be invested in marketing and a minimal for research and development. In a time of hacking the cloud, declare scandals and bank bonuses, doctors have a chance to make their position as the most trusted professional, and deliberately distance themselves from the temptations of the pharmaceutical industry. It should happen now before becoming yet another profession in which society will lose its fate. I know there is no doctor who consciously harm his patients. But I also know there are plenty of doctors who keep fooling themselves, there is no free

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