Benefits Of Physical Therapy

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To begin with, physical therapy is not invasive like surgery treatment which involves dissecting into the body or removal of tissues. Surgery treatment involves piecing of the skin, operation of internal organs and other complications which means there is a high risk of fatality. While operating on a specific organ, surgeons could damage other organs that surrounds it. The neck and back cover a very fragile and important part of the body system called the “spinal cord”. Pain in the neck and back area will need surgery which leaves the spinal cord in a vulnerable position of being damaged causing paralysis. Physical therapy and exercises also has benefits before and after surgery as the strength and stability that they provides can significantly shorten a patient 's recovery time after surgery. On the other hand, physiotherapy can treat the same condition using the McKenzie Method which teaches patients suffering from neck and back pain to treat themselves and manage their own pain for life using exercise and other strategies. Therefore it is better to go through physical treatment before making a decision to be surgically diagnosed.
Secondly, one of the major drawbacks that most individuals go through prior to their treatment is financial needs. According to a study published in the journal Health Services Research
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Is physical therapy treatment preferable compared to surgical treatment in terms of treating back and neck pain? Yes it is, physical therapy is not invasive which does not involve dissecting into the body or removal of tissue. Physical therapy is cost effective compared to surgery thus most patients are able cope with the financial payment. Surgery have a lot of post-operative complications that shows that there is a high risks of fatality. However, physical therapy is preferable in treating neck and back
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