The Pros And Cons Of Pit Bulls Make Good Pets

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Why Pit Bulls Make Good Pets
“AAH, it’s a pit bull!” That is what people think. Pit bulls are actually fun loving pets. Contrary to disbelief pit bulls don’t have locking jaws like everyone thinks. Any other dog can do that. So what’s your opinion on Pit bulls? I bet I can change it.

Did you know that the Pit bull is not one specific breed? The Pit bull consists of many different kinds of strong, bulky, muscular dogs. The non-specific Pit bull is bread to heard live stock. This is why most all pit bulls love to be the center of attention. Talk about a big social butterfly. One of the only reasons that Pit bulls are mean to their people is because of their owners. Pit bulls are often mistreated this can cause physical and mental
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According to Robert Gomez, “Miami Dade County is the only county in Florida that has any breed specific law. In 1988 the county instated a ban on pit bulls. One famous advocate for pit bulls, Mark Burgle of the Marlins, relocated to Broward County in order to keep his family pit bull. The protesters have cased county commissioners to rethink the ban, and consider the fairness and necessity of such a law. However, not enough support was mustered to overturn it.” Now more and more cases of this are showing up and it is not making people happy.

Although pit bulls are sweet loving animals they are still big and powerful. Yes, some pit bulls do attack people but it is on a very rare occasion that this happens. Did you know that pit bulls have one of the best children tolerance? This means that they can be trusted around children. They are basically a gentle giant. Pit bulls are very loyal and we have been trusting them for years, until they got there bad rap.

In conclusion, pit bulls are misunderstood gentle giants. They can also be easily trusted with children. I would always trust a pit bull as my partner in crime. Will
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