Cons Of Plagiarism

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Have you ever contemplated plagiarism? Plagiarism is copying someone 's work and stating it was theirs . Plagiarism is like stealing from a store they have and selling the item as your own. Possibly the biggest reason why someone would plagiarize is because lack of time or they decide procrastinate. Advantages of someone may seem like the easy way out but in the end,it will come with many consequences and ones original hard work will take them further in life.
There is so many examples and stories of plagiarism,although but there is some that were not done on purpose. Famous people that we may know, committed plagiarism, but they didn 't do it on purpose. Amy Schumer is a popular, successful comedian who got accused of plagiarism. Other
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Most likely you would have a feeling of anger and would feel taken advantage of. Here is a scenario about plagiarism, Nikki has a essay due tomorrow, shes been busy all week with basketball practice and today she went to visit her grandma at the hospital. She 's stressed about her essay because she thinks she will not have enough time to finish. One of her friends told her about this website that she has used many times but hasn’t been caught, she said it has the answers and Nikki is tempted to use it. She knows that if she uses it she will get in trouble and possibly get suspended. If you were Nikki would you do it? Well, she decided to do it, her teacher found out and because her teacher has experienced this before she told Nikki to redo the whole thing again or she won’t get credit so you see she just wasted her time. “Submitting someone else 's work.” (Plagiarism: Definitions, Examples and Penalties). This quote is coming from a University of Kentucky. In chemistry we always do labs and a summary after , we get a partner but if the teacher says to do it on our own piece of paper your partner can not have the same thing as you for the summary, only results of the experiments. “You and your lab partner are to prepare independent laboratory reports. ALL aspects of the written report should differ” (Plagiarism: Definitions, Examples and Penalties). This shows that not only…show more content…
It leaves a bad example of yourself as a person also. Writecheck has six ways on how to avoid plagiarism ,“ paraphrasing , cite, quoting, citing quotes , citing your own material and referencing”(Resources). Students may ponder that paraphrasing is not plagiarism but it is. No one should be copying from someone else because it hurts the person you copied from, it was their hard work and you also hurt yourself. “Be sure to edit your research paper carefully and check for plagiarism”(Resources). Always have a friend or someone you trust to double check for any mistakes because it can save someone from getting in trouble. This is a good topic to learn because it teaches you a lot that you didn 't know
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