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The first man-made plastic was invented in 1856 by Alexander Parkes. It is a great invention that changed the whole world and opened a new era of human’s history. ( ) Nowadays people cannot live without using any plastic, from the coffee cups to the keyboard that I am using to write this paper, there is no way that people can get rid of plastic. More than a half century’s usage of plastic, it has already integrated in human’s society. It is a material that is designed to be strong, cheap, durable and easy to manufacture. However, where there is usage, there is disposal. Every moment on the earth, massive of plastic is produced and also the waste, people may think once they throw away their plastic products, they are disappeared forever, however, the truth is, “over 80 percent of ocean plastic leaks from land-based sources, even if people don’t live near the sea, chances are the plastic garbage has found its way o the sea” (A Plastic Ocean). Once the plastic has entered the ecosphere, they will be caught by the rainwater, picked up by the stream and river, and finally get into the ocean. People should be aware that, our ocean is heavily polluted by plastic from its surface to its bottom, just as Mike deGruy said in A Plastic Ocean after he finished his deep-sea exploration and saw a plenty of…show more content…
Upon till now, only a little part of plastics is recycled, and the rest of them are ended up in the environment, in the ocean (A Plastic Ocean). By 2050, the plastic production will triple and if there is not an effective and alternative way to handle the waste, we will be chocked by our own garbage. Earth, is covered 71 percent by ocean, and every living creature including human is closely related to the ocean. People should know the issue that is brought to the ocean before it is too

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