The Pros And Cons Of Plastics

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Looking around us, we can realize that we are dependent on plastic. We sit on plastic chairs, eat and drink from plastic containers, use electron devices made of plastic, and carry groceries in plastic bags. The invention of plastic has made our lives convenient and brought huge benefits. Its light, strong, easily shaped, and inexpensive qualities opened the door for more efficient packaging that replaced heavy and delicate materials such as glass and allowed greater manufacturing, cheaper material cost that lowered the price of many goods and made them accessible to people who couldn’t afford them. It is a great contributor in the rapid industrialization that brought about the higher standard of living that we enjoy today; however, it is also a great contributor in the ever growing pollution we face today. Over the last decade, we have produced more plastic than we have produced in the previous century. There are billions of pounds of plastic that are swirling in the oceans, but they will not biodegrade for 500 to a 1000 years. Plastic waste covers 40 percent of the ocean, with five gyres: North Pacific Gyre, South Pacific Gyre, North Atlantic Gyre, South Atlantic Gyre, Indian Ocean Gyre, adding up to approximately twice the size of Texas. Plastic waste in the ocean is not only a major environmental issue, but also a threat towards marine life and the organism that is at end of the food chain, humans. History of the Situation The invention of plastic did not

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