Negative Effects Of Playing Sports Essay

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Playing competitive sports causes people to only think about the positive aspects of playing them, but there are also negative aspects which no one ever really considers. If you think about it, parents do not really seem to focus on the negatives to playing sports, they only seem to focus on the benefits. Things like how children receive lots of injuries, or that the cost of participating in some of these sports is astronomical. More and more kids are starting to play competitive sports and are starting at a younger age. The problem is that these kids are starting to endure more and more injuries while their bodies are still growing. In other words, playing competitive sports causes adolescents to receive lots of injuries, it is very costly,…show more content…
For example, “Parents and coaches who push too hard too young, believe winning is above everything can easily ruin child’s motivation to play, says Dr. Henry Goitz, chief of sports medicine at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo” (Stenson). Therefore, adults who put a lot of pressure on kids can make a kid feel unmotivated to play a sport and all the pressure to do better in a sport can give kids stress. Also, “Recently, one of her players, a 7-year-old boy, hit the boards during an indoor game and was holding his head. His father, former soccer player himself, went over to the boy but rather than asking him how he was feeling, scolded him for playing poorly. A week later, his mother called him over after a play and she, too, sharply criticized him. “He was sobbing,” Enmark says” (Stenson). Furthermore, this explains how when parents or coaches put pressure on kids, this can lead to a young kid feeling unmotivated which can lead to a kid quitting a sport. All in all, playing a competitive sport can put pressure on kids’ shoulders from both their parents or coaches, which can lower a kids’ self-esteem, and which can also give kids stress about trying to play
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