The Pros And Cons Of Poaching Laws

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Due to poaching, your favorite animals might be getting killed each day slowly decreasing their population, even though there are laws that are supposed to prevent this. Studies show that thousands of animals are getting killed each year and the hunters are not getting enough discipline for their actions. Though, they should not get the death penalty, they should at least get some type of restraint. Although many people think poachers should not get extreme punishment for their crimes, poaching laws should become harsher because killers are not getting enough retribution, people are wearing animals as clothes, and species are getting endangered.
Some may say that poachers should not get death penalty for their crimes: however, many people do not realize that the hunters are not getting enough punishment. Usually, poaching laws vary by the state you are in. If you are in Minnesota, they only confiscate your hunting and fishing license
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In the article ¨ 6 Endangered Animals Poachers Are Hunting Into Extinction,¨ Jessica Phelan describes how the killing of Cecil the Lion decreased the tourism in Zimbabwe due to the hunting. This is just one example of poachers interfering with human life. If more of this continues, humans will be the only living thing on Earth. For elephants, laws have been passed to protect the ivory in their tusks that everyone wants to get hands on. In 2011, one in every 12 African elephants were killed (Phelan). The tusks are not the only parts of the elephants that are hunted, and I honestly think they are not worth it. We should leave the beloved animals in the wild so we do not lose the entire species as a whole. Every year, more and more species are being executed due to humans needs and wants. If killing animals is what is “needed” to survive then the Earth will turn into a
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