Police Discrimination Research Paper

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Why do people think police are racist? Is the public right or are the police just doing their jobs? What makes the police racist? Many people say police are racist all because they do their jobs. They have a very specific order of rules and regulations to follow for each situation they encounter. Yes, a police officer has killed a person of a different race than themselves, but they were actually doing their job by following the handbook and rules. “‘Basic law’ or ‘basic laws’ mean provisions of the Constitution and statutes of the Commonwealth authorizing an agency to make regulations or decide cases or containing procedural requirements therefor.” The annual crime rate for ethnic groups and genders differ every year. Many people do not…show more content…
People question the use of authority by police officers. The officers involved in the deaths of eighteen-year-old Michael Brown in Furguson, Missouri and the death of Eric Garner by chokehold are two types of incidents that sparked the thought of abuse of power by police officers. People might have only seen the skin color and overlooked what violation was made beforehand.
“One of the most common interactions between the police and civilians on a daily basis is the traffic stop” says Law enforcement agencies provide extensive training and take precautions to prevent police officers from abusing their power and carrying out their jobs the way they are supposed to using correct procedures. For example, body and dash cameras have been installed to ensure the correct procedures are followed. These cameras record the interactions between police officers and
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Their rights depend on the situation they are in. Sometimes police officers do go too far. For example, the videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King in Los Angeles is a time a police officer overstepped his bounds. This is violating citizens rights. If a civilian’s rights are violated they may be allowed to have protection through state and federal laws, which means the person whose rights were violated are being protected by the government. One of the main reason for civil rights laws is to protect civilians from government abuse. Even though the police officer went too far with a civilian, the police officer cannot be sued. The civilian still has recourse through federal law.
Retired police officer David Couper talks to Dr. Greg Gelembiuk, one who gathers data from police reports, “Sometimes I hear the argument that raising the bar on police use of deadly force will somehow put more police officers in physical jeopardy. Personally I do not agree with that either experientially or what I believe the data to
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