The Pros And Cons Of Policing

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Today’s civilization is full of corruption and deceitfulness. It can be viewed from our society that the more authority one has, the more easily corrupted they become. Policing is a job that requires a lot of stress management and authority execution. This execution requires a lot of ethical consideration, especially considering what kind of effect police officers can have on a situation. The power that a police officer has, combined with the stress he or she can receive can ethically cause a lot of trouble if that officer is not prepared. The job of being a police officer is definitely dangerous, as law enforcement is who deals with deadly criminals that steal and murder people. The police force is heavily armed in the United States, as well,…show more content…
Police officers must be able to properly communicate in various ways to the public or with other officers. Information that is written down and information that is spoken is verbal communication. In the criminal justice background, data is communicated forward by means of reports, written memos, and orders of official instruction. On the other hand, nonverbal communication guarantees that the presenter will commune the things that he or she is attempting to say to the reader with a specific tenor and particular body language. This portrays the things the speaker is trying to say. Surrounding the criminal justice system, detainments and arrests, sentences and punishments, and guilty verdicts can be guaranteed by means of a police officer’s body language and tone when speaking with the judge or with the district attorney. Nonverbal communication is key in understanding how an individual is not only trying to speak, but how they feel within. For example, if a person is nervous while they are talking, that can be seen by their body language. Often they will play with their hair, pick at their fingernails, or sway their bodies around. It is important for an officer to use the correct body

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