The Pros And Cons Of Polyamory

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The main reason why some researchers and the overall society are against Polyamory because they believe that people choose that lifestyle as an excuse to have numerous sexual encounters with multiple people, without being labelled as unfaithful or disloyal towards their partner. In the article "This Is My Partner, And This Is My ... Partner's Partner: Constructing a Polyamorous Identity in a Monogamous World" the author Barker, quotes another author, Aviram. He claimed that people who said that they are polymers, choose that lifestyle because of their “unpredictable” and “impulsive” erotic desires, not because they want to be in an actual emotional relationship with that person. In other words, the critics argue that the polyamory lifestyle…show more content…
These norms, like relationships are only supposed to be between two heterosexual people is defying the freedom of choice, which is extremely emphasize by Americans. However, by not supporting Polyamory they are going against their own words. Polyamory is a controversial topic that has been judged and critic by many, and has caused Polyamorist to be discriminated against, like not being hired at a job, or simply being shunned by their family and friends because of their lifestyle. Do to these discriminations many polyamorist live in secret, but the ones that are not scared to be open about their practice of polyamory are fighting for their acceptance. Now that gay marriage has been approve, polyamorist are awaiting for their lifestyle to be view as normal, and that someday plural marriage would be legalized, so they can practice their lifestyle liberally. Being able to choose how to live your life and who to love is what Polyamorist want to accomplish, and this would create a more accepting and unprejudiced world. Their own language, community, the way they set up their relationships, and their emotions, helps them demonstrate to the society that polyamory is possible and that people are capable of loving many, not be constrained to only one
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